Rainbow-7 - 7" 1024x600 Color Touchscreen Development Platform

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Rainbow-7 is a 7” diagonal, high resolution, 1024x600 color touchscreen complete demonstration and development system for the Iridescence Graphical Framework, designed to simplify user application development. The platform is based on the combination of a 2-Mbyte FLASH STM32H753 microcontroller with 32 Mbytes of SDRAM and 32 Mbytes of external QSPI flash memory. The system can be customized by
Thornwave Labs to accommodate various customer needs both in terms of hardware and firmware.

What is included:

  • 7" Touchscreen + plastic bezel
  • SD card containing the user manual, pictures for the Picture Frame app and WAV files for the audio player app
  • 2-pin Molex MiniFit Jr power connector + 2ft wires


Retrieve the demo firmware:

git clone ssh://git@git.thornwave.com:29418/thornwave/rainbow7_fw.git




Based on STM32H753BIT6, 480MHz, 32-bit RISC, ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller with double precision FPU.

Internal Memories

High speed embedded dual-bank FLASH of 2 Mbytes and up to 1 Mbyte of RAM.

External SDRAM

32 Mbytes of SDRAM, 32-bit wide, running at up to 140MHz can be used for data storage, code execution or frame-buffer space.

External FLASH

32 Mbytes of QSPI FLASH organized as two 16 MBytes FLASH chips connected in dual flash mode (8 bit access) running at up to 133MHz with execute-in-place capability.

External EEPROM

32 Kbytes of I2C EEPROM memory that can be used for storing device configuration, encryption keys, ...

Mass Storage

SD card slot with full 4-bit bus, power control, power fault detection and SD card detection capability.

Real-Time Clock

Integrated real-time clock and CR-2032 backup battery. It also includes 4 Kbytes of battery backed SRAM memory.

1024x600 Color Screen + Touchscreen

Vibrant 1024x600 IPS color touchscreen with adjustable backlight current and VCOM voltage. The touchscreen is based on the FT5x06 chipset and is connected to the MCU via I2C.

Stereo audio CODEC

The SSM2602 based audio CODEC offers stereo headphones output, line output and mono microphone input. It is connected to the MCU via I2S.


High-speed FDCAN bus transceiver with 2 RJ-45 and one Molex MiniFit Jr RV-C connectors, capable of up to 5Mbits/s data rate.

USB 2.0 High-Speed

Equipped with a USB 2.0 High-Speed PHY and a mini USB-B OTG connector supporting both host and peripheral modes.


10/100 Mbits/s Ethernet PHY, magnetics and a RJ-45 connector connects the development board to any Ethernet bus.

WFM200 based WiFi 802.11b/g/n transceiver is connected to the MCU via a 4 bit wide SDIO bus.

Power Supply

Power the Rainbow-7 platform with any voltage between 8V and 32V. The power supply should be capable of delivering at least 0.5A

Source Code Provided

We provide source code for driving all used peripherals, FreeRTOS integration layer and the Iridescence graphic framework porting layers.

Firmware Demo

Various applications are provided together with the source code: a WAV file audio player, Iridescence graphic framework demo, picture frame, screen tester, and WiFi manager

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