TL-SSR – 12V / 100A DC Unidirectional Solid State Relay (SSR)

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A solid-state relay (SSR) functions similarly to a mechanical relay but uses electronic components instead of moving parts, making it quieter and spark-free. SSRs have a much longer lifespan and require only a few milli-amperes to stay in the ON state, while electromechanical relays need higher currents to power the coil.

This SSR is ideal for battery-operated equipment and finds typical applications in RVs, boats, vehicles, or any 12V system.

This SSR fits in a standard ANL fuse holder, as depicted in the pictures.

DISCLAIMER: The ANL fuse holder shown in the pictures is for display purposes only. You will only receive the SSR.

Please read the Product Use Disclaimer & Warranty Policy at the bottom of this page before ordering.

Customer Reviews

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Viorel R.

I bought a couple of TL-SSR-12V to use in a 12V power distribution panel. The SSR works as described. Very helpful tech support.

Love it

Works perfectly as described

Simon C.
High Current Battery Disconnect

Due to space constraints on our racecar we had to build a custom battery box, the ThornWave TL-SSR's are easy to use in parallel for a master safety disconnect and handle the 700A+ at 16.8V draw without even warming up.

Jon A.
Great addition to my system

I bought this to control a backup generator. The relay is configured to kick on my back up generator when my solar battery bank reaches a low SOC, triggered by a set voltage. This takes care of charging my batteries even if I am not home. I have tested it several times as my battery bank very seldom reaches the low voltage trigger I have set. It has on two occasions triggered, and successfully charged my batteries with the generator, So it does work flawlessly.

I love the fact that this relay is solid state. It is so easy to install, and the PowerMon App makes configuring a breeze. It is one of the best shunt and relay setups I have ever seen. The TL-SSR Relay is super versatile that can do about any task that a relay can do. From triggering fans, lights, generators and much more. This is a terrific value for the price, and in combination with the PowerMon-5S, it is the perfect setup. 5 stars from me!