PowerMon-D4 - 4.3" Bluetooth Color Touchscreen Display

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PowerMon-D4 is an affordable, low-power, 4.3-inch, color touchscreen display for the PowerMon line of battery monitors / DC power meters. The display can be mounted on any flat surface and has a modern, low-profile look.

The display connects to up to two PowerMon battery monitors via the integrated Bluetooth radio. It can display two PowerMons at the same time. No wiring is required, other than supplying 8V~65V power. Multiple power-saving features are supported, from reducing the screen brightness to completely turning the screen off after a specific time of inactivity. In the lowest power mode, the display consumes only 46mA. A simple tap will bring it back to life. The typical current consumption is only 81mA at 12V. If powered from 48V the power consumption can be as low as 15mA.

The display also has a WiFi network interface which allows it to connect to the Internet for software updates and future-proofs it for many other features to come.

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