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PowerMon-D4 - 4.3" Bluetooth Color Touchscreen Display

PowerMon-D4 is an affordable, low-power, 4.3-inch, color touchscreen display for the PowerMon line of battery monitors / DC power meters. The display can be mounted on any flat surface and has a modern, low-profile look.

The display connects to the PowerMon battery monitors via the integrated Bluetooth radio. No wiring is required, other than supplying 8V~65V power. Multiple power-saving features are supported, from reducing the screen brightness to completely turning the screen off after a specific time of inactivity. In the lowest power mode, the display consumes only 46mA. A simple tap will bring it back to life. The full-on current consumption at full brightness is low as well, only 120mA. If powered from 48V the power consumption can go as low as 17mA.

The screen also has a WiFi radio which allows it to connect to the Internet for software updates and future-proofs it for many other features to come.