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TL-SSR – 24V / 80A DC Unidirectional Solid State Relay (SSR)

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This SSR fits in a standard ANL fuse holder (depicted in the pictures).

A solid state relay is similar to a mechanical relay but it’s function is achieved by means of electronic components. SSRs do not contain any moving parts as the electromechanical relays do.
Solid state relays have a much longer life, they are quiet, spark free and only require a current of a few milli-amperes to hold in the ON state. Electromechanical relays require a much higher current to power the coil.
This makes SSRs desirable in battery operated equipment. Typical applications for this SSR are: RVs, boats, vehicles, any 12V or 24V system.


User Manual


DISCLAIMER: The ANL fuse holder depicted in the pictures is for display purposes only. You will only receive the SSR.

DISCLAIMER: At least basic knowledge of electrical systems is required to install and use this product. Installation involves work with electricity which can be dangerous or lethal. 
By clicking “Add to Cart” you agree that you possess such knowledge and experience to properly install the TL-SSR2480DCU device and that Thornwave Labs Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury!


Weight: 20 g
Dimensions: 90 × 30 × 15 mm

User Manual