Make Your Product Ideas a Reality with Our Engineering Services

          Here, at Thornwave Labs Inc. we are experts in what we do! We are offering complete solutions for state of the art electronics, embedded systems and software. We work closely with your engineers to design and build electronic solutions that meet your needs, budget and schedule. We’ll offer you quick prototyping and a production quality design that you can take straight to production. If you need us, we can do the production for you as well, allowing you to tackle the most important part, selling your product instead of spending your time making it. If you already have a product we can provide independent reviews. It’s always better to have another set of eyes looking over your project before going into manufacturing and committing more resources to it. 

        Do you have an idea for a product that you want to build but you don’t have the engineering resources to tackle it or you don’t even know what to start with? You’ve come to the perfect place! Contact us and we can provide you with a free 1-hour consultation over the phone. We will answer all your questions and give you information and advice about what you will need in order to build what you want. We can make your product come to life.

          We have more than 15 years experience designing and building consumer, industrial, commercial and medical electronics, developing firmware for embedded systems, computer software and mobile applications. 

Electronic Design Services

Consulting - Circuit Design

Circuit Design

          Thornwave Labs provides consulting services that include product specifications, architecture design, component selection and schematic capture. We use Altium Designer and you, the customer, will receive complete production quality schematics in both PDF format and Altium Designer source format. You will also receive a complete, separate BOM for every manufacturing variant if more than one. Our expertise lies in consumer electronics, commercial and industrial equipment, medical devices and other fields using high-speed digital circuits, complex FPGAs, CPLDs, SoC systems, connectivity over USB, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, WiFi, Bluetooth, various wireless protocols, analog electronics (high fidelity audio, measurement, analog filters), power electronics (motor control, power supplies, converters, battery chargers), RF electronics (radios in the GHz range), etc. We can create SPICE simulations and real-world test setups for testing circuits before creating the final product.

PCB Layout

          PCB layout is both science and art and we treat it like so. The electronics of today contain high-speeds digital signals, high current switching mode power supplies and radios in the GHz range requiring a good understanding of the schematic in order to design an optimal and efficient PCB layout. Because of this reason we think there is great value in having the same engineer design both schematic and board. We do not stop working until the layout is perfect. We specialize in highly miniaturized, high-speed, high-density PCBs, rigid-flex, flex and other special board requirements. We work together with your engineering team to guarantee a perfect integration in the rest of your systems. We can also provide some mechanical engineering consulting, 3D modeling of plastic enclosures and so on. You will receive a complete manufacturing package including Gerber files / NC drill files, pick and place data, assembly diagrams, and a 3D model of the board.

Consulting - PCB Layout
Consulting - Prototyping


          We have extensive experience in prototyping electronic boards. We can provide a set of fully functional prototypes, sparing you of the hassle of dealing with PCB manufacturers and assembly houses. Electronics lab equipment we possess includes portable and bench-top multimeters, 4 channel 100MHz oscilloscope, one port 6Ghz vector network analyzer, lab power supplies and electronic reworking equipment

Validation and Testing

          Purchasing all the required equipment for an electronics lab can get quite expensive. We can validate and test your designs in house. We can also check for signal integrity, debug complex issues and match RF antennas. If you need a production tester we can do that too! At the very least we can provide you with advice on the equipment you will need if you want to set up your own lab.

Consulting - Validation and Testing
Consulting - Firmware Development

Firmware Development

          Our firmware development skills include but are not limited to C/C++ (over 17 years experience) code for a variety of 8-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers, assembler routines to speed up the code, heavy optimizations, deep knowledge of the GCC compiler, ability to completely customize the code down to the linker scripts and the build environment. We have experience with motion control software, DSP algorithms, digital filters, power electronics control algorithms, feedback loop compensation, real-time OSes (FreeRTOS experts), USB device stacks, low-level device drivers, Bluetooth Smart expertise, firmware for battery operated low power devices.

Software Development

          Do you need computer software? We can code for Windows, Linux and MacOS using C/C++. We have more than 16 years of experience in computer software and algorithms. We can write GUIs using wxWidgets, user-mode USB drivers, networking software and so on. We can even put together an Android application.

Consulting - Software Development