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PowerMon S4 - Color Touchscreen for the PowerMon Battery Monitor

PowerMon S4 is an affordable,  low power, 4.3 inch, color touchscreen display for the PowerMon battery monitor / DC power meter. The display can be mounted on any flat surface and has a modern, low profile look. It comes with either white or black bezels. 

The display can connect to the PowerMon device either via the integrated Bluetooth radio or via a cable. If using Bluetooth, there is no wiring required, other than supplying 12V power from the vehicle battery. This makes installing it in an RV or boat a breeze. Multiple power saving features are supported, from reducing the screen brightness to completely turning the screen off after a specific time of inactivity. In the lowest power mode, the display consumes only 10mA while keeping the touchscreen and the processor active so a simple tap can bring it back to life instantly. 

The screen provides logging capabilities and history using the optional, user-installed micro-SD card.