Firelink Debug and Programming Tool

Fast, open architecture, extensible and affordable!



Finally, a high performance, affordable alternative to the more expensive tools! Firelink is a high-speed interface to SWD, JTAG and SPI buses. It offers debugging and flash programming functions for a variety of microcontrollers, FLASH memories and programmable logic devices. Firelink was designed from the ground up with the needs of embedded system developers in mind. It offers Serial Wire Viewer, 2x UARTs and a smart target connector that can remap its pins so interfacing with various targets can be done without the use of adapters. It is an integrated solution that fits both the production and development environments. No more dangling wires on your desk, just one small but fast tool!

High Performance - USB 2.0

3 Mbytes/s for SPI and 1.5 Mbytes/s for SWD (when downloading to target RAM)

Debugging Capabilities

Provides two virtual COM ports (UARTs), Serial Wire Viewer, GDB server.

Open Architecture

Driver and API are provided. Customer applications can be developed to support proprietary features, development and production programming and testing.

Cross Platform Support

Works with Windows, Linux and Mac

Smart Connector

Can map signals to pins under software control, making it compatible with various standard or proprietary debug connectors without using adapters. Was designed to be used with TAG-Connect cables.

Extra Signals

28 GPIOs, 3 UARTs, 4 ADCs, timers and one Synchronous Data Engine (can be used to implement many protocols at high speed)

Various Devices Supported

ARM Cortex, Atmel AVR, SPI Flash memories, CPLDs, FPGAs and more. New devices are being added on a weekly basis. Commercial customers receive priority for new device requests.

Power Control

Can provide the target with +5V and adjustable (1.8V – 3.3V) power supplies.

Production Tester Core

Can be used to develop custom production testers / programmers