Bluetooth Smart DC Power Meter with Low Voltage and Over-current Disconnect

Now with timers!



        The BT-DCPM device is truly a Swiss-army knife for DC electrical systems, a multi-function tool that can bring any circuit to the 21st century!

        Remotely monitoring important DC circuit parameters has never been simpler. BT-DCPM is based on Bluetooth Smart technology and allows monitoring of parameters such as voltage, current, power (W), energy (Wh), battery charge (Ah) and temperature. There is no need for drilling and extra wiring in existing or new applications (RVs, boats, solar systems). Small form factor and ease of installation make BT-DCPM ideal for quickly adding smarts to any existing electrical system.

        Use it to monitor your RV or boat battery, provide low voltage disconnect to protect from over-discharging and damaging your battery, remote ON/OFF power control, battery isolator in multiple battery systems, automate your solar backyard lights or any solar system using the timer feature. The possibilities are endless!

Mobile App

           Measurements can be displayed in real-time using any mobile device running Android or iOS and Thornwave Labs’ mobile application, PowerMon, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The device supports a multitude of configurations and measurement ranges that can be configured using the mobile application, allowing BT-DCPM to accommodate a wide variety of circuits. It can measure two voltages up to 60V with better than 0.5% accuracy and current up to 60A using the internal current shunt with better than 1% accuracy when calibrated. The device computes instantaneous power, energy, and battery charge.

          Currents as high as 600A or as low as milli-amperes can be measured using an external shunt. Current shunts are readily available and can be customized for the specific current measurement range required. BT-DCPM supports a wide range of current shunts.

External 500A Current Shunt
Solid State Relay

         The ability to control a mechanical or solid-state relay adds to the number of applications BT-DCPM can be used in: low voltage disconnect, over-current disconnect, battery isolator for multiple battery systems, remote power control, and timer being just a few.


  • remotely monitors two DC voltages, current, power, energy (Wh), battery charge (Ah) and temperature
  • measures voltage up to 60V and current up to 60A (integrated current shunt)
  • can sense up to 160mV of voltage drop across an external current shunt allowing currents up to 300-600A to be measured
  • control a power relay
  • low voltage disconnect function
  • over-current disconnect function (circuit breaker)
  • battery isolator for multiple battery systems (engine battery / house batteries)
  • remote ON/OFF and timer functions (control the relay using a set of timers)
  • very low power consumption (8mA)
  • Bluetooth Smart (LE) radio with integrated antenna
  • ABS plastic enclosure with mounting flanges, completely enclosed in epoxy potting compound
  • Measures only 3.0″ x 1.55″ x 0.75″ (76mm x 39mm x 19mm) including the mounting flanges
  • fully configurable
  • weatherproof
  • compatible with Android and iOS
  • PowerMon mobile app available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Bluetooth DC Power Meter Review

Where can I buy it?

The Bluetooth DC Power Meter can be ordered directly from Thornwave Labs Inc. For questions about shipping or about ordering higher volumes at a discounted price please contact us at You can also call us at 1-888-399-WAVE.