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Details Raz

Razvan Turiac (Raz)

My objective is to help customers solve their technical challenges quickly and efficiently. I have over 12 years of experience working and consulting for tech companies in the Silicon Valley. Every technical challenge that I had overcome gave me the assurance that with the right frame of mind anything can be accomplished. I strive to build the ultimate customer experience with the utmost attention to detail and quality in my products. My passion is engineering unique products specially tailored to meet my customers’ needs. Not only is this my career but it is also my hobby!

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Electrical Engineering

Circuit design using complex microcontrollers and DSPs, CPLDs, FPGAs, high-speed SoCs, analog circuits, signal acquisition, analog filters, RF engineering, Bluetooth and WiFi hardware, power electronics, electromechanical systems, motor control, power supplies (linear and switching), interfacing over SPI, I2C, USB, Ethernet, Verilog code (simulation and implementation on programmable logic devices), low power battery operated electronics, battery management, industrial automation, schematic capture and PCB layout (RF PCB layout) – fluent in Altium Designer. RF antenna design and tuning experience. I designed more than 60 electronics/PCBs (most being sold today. Example: RN171 RF module). I am skilled at building prototypes, production design, production tester design, testing, validation, debugging and I have lab experience. I also have experience 3D modeling, designing enclosures and various mechanical parts using Autodesk Fusion 360.

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Computer Science

Assembly language for various microcontrollers and DSPs, C/C++ programming (18+ years experience), firmware design (13+ years), ARM Cortex-M guru, Bluetooth Smart firmware, real-time OSes, PC GUIs (wxWidgets), muti-threading software, POSIX, Windows programming, Linux programming (console die hard :)), Windows / Linux USB user-mode drivers, PC interfacing over USB, Ethernet. Workstation / Server maintenance. I have a good understanding, knowledge, and experience designing data processing algorithms, digital filters, digital loopback compensation, digital signal processing algorithms, etc…



Quick learn, punctuality, team player, detail oriented, electronics and physics hobbyist, self-starter, can manage a team, experience in coordinating the entire flow, from design to production, experience in communicating with component providers, PCB manufacturers and assembly houses, at least basic knowledge in most technical/science fields: automotive, mechanical, chemistry, etc…, excellent understanding of electronics, physics and mathematics.

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May 2016


Thornwave Labs Inc, Raleigh, NC - Founder & CEO

I’m offering consulting services for customers, designed and built prototypes, developed firmware,  software, and mobile applications. Developed USB device software stacks, highly optimized and high-density digitally controlled switching mode power supplies, Android applications for communicating over Bluetooth Smart, PC software for analyzing analog data on an oscilloscope-like screen, etc… and all the other typical founder and CEO duties: making coffee, making sure the storefront sign is on.

I also created products that are currently selling, one being here:

Snapchat Inc, Venice, CA - Senior Electrical Engineer

I worked on the electronics inside the Snapchat Spectacles. I cleaned up and improved the PCB layout for an older design and designed new and improved version of the electronics and a highly miniaturized PCB layout. I also designed debug boards with the same hardware, therefore, allowing firmware development and hardware validation.

January 2015


September 2014


Eyefluence, Milpitas, CA - Senior Electrical Engineer

I designed a high-density board on a rigid-flex PCB containing an embedded system and interface boards to Google Glass. I developed C/C++ code for interfacing eye tracking hardware to proprietary GUI.

Microchip Technology, San Jose, CA - Senior Design Engineer

I designed RF modules using BT LE, BT Dual Mode and 802.15.4 radio SoCs, electronics for testers used for development and production, internal hardware and software debugging tools, development boards, customer WiFi and Bluetooth solutions, low noise analog circuits, USB 2.0, Ethernet interfacing circuits. I designed a generic platform that could be used to build production testers for the RF modules sold by the company. I also developed firmware utilizing USB 2.0 high-speed device stacks (DFU, CDC, Mass Storage, reverse engineered the FTDI chip), bootloaders, filesystems, FreeRTOS components, CPLD Verilog code, PC USB drivers. I developed computer GUI software running under Windows / Linux for automating product testing.

April 2012


June 2010


Roving Networks, Los Gatos, CA - Senior Electrical Engineer

Tackled 95% of all hardware efforts including circuit design, PCB layout, testing, debugging and validation of WiFi and Bluetooth systems using Roving Networks’ RF SoC. I designed systems using analog circuits, signal acquisition, switching mode power supplies, low power battery operated devices, RF design, PCB RF design, communication interfaces (USB, RS-232, RS-485, 4-20mA industrial signaling, SPI, I2C, SDIO, SWD). I also developed firmware drivers and WiFi applications running on the STM32 line of microcontrollers, software tools for burning the microcode in the flash memory and testing wireless modules.

The company was acquired by Microchip Technology in April 2012.

Sigma Designs, Milpitas, CA - Video Firmware Engineer

I developed, implemented and tested algorithms for video processing, compression, and decompression (H.264, MPEG2, AVS, RealVideo), Linux software tools for testing, debugging and validating video codecs, C/C++ models for algorithms that would later be implemented in hardware and/or firmware, assembly language video firmware running on complex DSPs. I debugged video compression hardware and firmware using HDL simulator waveforms.

December 2006


June 2006



Graduated from Transilvania University, Brasov, Romania with an MS degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

I also had the opportunity to teach for 2 years the laboratory part for the Microprocessor Architecture and Programming course. My responsibilities were to introduce the students to practical knowledge on programming in assembly language and understanding the architecture of Z80 and 8086 microprocessors. Each lab consisted of one hour of theory followed by one hour of solving problems and writing assembly code to exercise what was previously learned. At the same time, I was working part time at eASIC Corporation, Santa Clara, CA (Romanian office) where I developed software tools for Windows, firmware for a USB oscilloscope, developed Verilog code, simulated and implemented it on FPGAs.

Raleigh, NC